MV2000 Systems

Moon Valley Circuits has been building electronics for wineries since 1979, and pioneered the concept of a graphical user interface for computer controlled systems. The MV2000 System is the result of years of development and continued improvement.

The MV2000 Systems put you in control of your tanks, barrel rooms, and refrigeration systems from anywhere, via network or modem. Detailed automatic data recording and plotting help keep track of sucesses and problems. Winemaking-specific features improve efficiency and quality control.

The MV2000 System combines the presentation and storage facilities of a PC running Windows with a network of remote controllers to provide a reliable, easy to use winery supervisor. It is a modular system, with a variety of components that are mixed to supply the customer's needs.

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Tank RPU
Refrigeration RPU
Zytron 565PC
Riddling Computer
Fully automatic machine riddling for Methode Champenoise Champagne
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