Riddling Computer

MVC designed and built these Riddling Computers starting in 1980.

These systems run up to 63 Champange riddling machines. They can control both the French Gyropallette and the U.S. made V.L.M. (Very Large Machine), as used at Domaine Chandon.

Each machine can be individually programmed for up to 32 moves by hours delay, degrees elevation and rotation,and exta shakes.

The system power and control wiring is multiplexed, so that an entire building full of machines is run on a bus of three power wires, nine control wires, and individual select wires. The entire sytem, machines and all, runs from one 20A 3ph breaker. That translated to a huge savings in electrical installation cost.

Some of these are now 30 years old, and still going strong!


Click on a pic for a bigger one.

Early Riddler


Each VLM holds 3840 bottles

Early Riddler insides

6502 based SBC in foreground, I/O in the rear.

Power supplies and contactors in the blue cabinets

Riddling Computer insides
43 VLMs in here
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