Industrial Electronic Systems

Glen Ellen, California, USA

tank Moon Valley Circuits has been building superior winemaking electronics since 1979, specializing in tank temperature, barrel-room, and refrigeration control systems of unfailing reliability. Used by many of the industry’s premier facilities, Moon Valley Circuits’systems feature precise, reliable control, recording, and supervision.

We design circuits and systems for instrumentation, power, process control and audio. Areas of expertise include analog, digital, microcontroller, and power control. We can build prototypes and manufacture small runs in house, and manage medium runs with sub-contractors.

circuit board We are not too proud to jump in and figure out another company's circuit or machine to get a customer up and running. This, in fact, has been our entry into many larger jobs, after we fixed up systems that no one else could repair.
Winery Some of the Wineries and Manufacturers that have put their trust in us.
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