Resistance Profiler

MVC designed and built this Resistance Profiler for NeoVac in 1998. It measures the resistance profile of a strip of conductive film. The strips are samples cut from rolls of material processed in the vacuum deposition chamber.

Current is sourced through the ends of a film strip, and then a pair of probes drop down and contact the film at programmed intervals down the strip, sensing voltage, calculating ohms as a Kelvin ohmmeter. The contact head has interchangeable contact assemblies for different contact spacings, types, and configurations. An Agilent 6-1/2 digit DVM provides measurements via a serial connection to the PC. The PC controls the current source, calibration, and drop head via a control board at the back of the unit.

A strip is laid down and clamped down with the current-sourcing clamps. The PC program is then started. The program determines the best source current range, then steps the probe head through the desired steps down the film, plotting resistance vs displacement, as shown. A file may then be saved with the test data.

The program is written in Labview.

Resistance Profiler
Contact head

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