Ion Beam Controller

MVC designed and built this Ion Beam Controller for NeoVac in 1999. It controls an ion beam inside a large vacuum deposition chamber.

The controller provides a ballasted, 1500 VDC starting supply. Once the arc is ignited, a 'keeper' current is fed to a keeper electrode to keep thing lit. This current is provided by a Xantrex 150V, 2A supply (center). Once the keeper is stable, the main beam is supplied from the big Xantrex 150V, 40A supply (bottom).

A PID controller regulates the flow of the ion gas to the cathode, according to anode current.

LED meters monitor anodes, cathodes, and gas flow, with the left meter switchable to other parameters.

Anode, cathode, and gas flow signals are also fed to a data acquisition system.

Ion Beam Controller and power supplies
Controller insides
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