Power Meter Calibrator

MVC designed and built this calibration stand and R&D tester for Metricom Inc. in 1988.

It synthesized 100 KW phantom load for up to 75 meters. Calibrations are to 0.1% accuracy. The meter sockets are zero insertion force pneumatic type.

Six arbitrary function generators provide the three current and potential waveforms. Any wave or frequency that will pass through the transformers may be used. Six MVC servo amps boost the arb's up to 480 VAC or 200 Amps using big Techron 600 and 3600 watt amplifiers.

A PC on board controls the Opto-22 SS Relay rack for power and range switching. A IEEE-488 bus connects the PC to the Yokogawa Watt/Var meter.

The PC communicates with the meters via a carrier-current modem during testing and calibration.

Production Calibrator
Power generation hardware
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