RF Network Analyser

MVC designed and built this RF Network Analyser in conjunction with Relqual Associates. The RF and PCB part of the design was done by Davy Figaro. MVC designed the processor, power and control circuits and the firmware.

These analysers operate from 2 to 50 Mhz at 1KHz intervals using precision DDS synthesizers. Output is -14 to +15 dbM, input -80 to -45 dbM. with a dynamic range of 85 db, without an outboard amplifier.

They were used to measure moisture content in a wood drying operation. It communicates with a PC over a RS-485 multi-drop link.

The upper section inside the shield fence is the signal and reference generator. The center is the PIC18F6585 processor, communications, and power supply. The lower section inside the shield fence is the the recieve preamp, mixers, filters, and log detector.

RF Network Analyser
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